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What is a CIL?

June 3, 2020

Executive Director, Carolyn Grawi explains what a CIL is while answering questions from the community.

Build a Basic Budget

June 9, 2020

Build a Basic Budget Webinar partnership with CIL and Central Credit Union of Florida, featuring Barbara MacNeil.

Emergency Disaster Preparedness

June 12, 2020

The Easy Tips for Hurricane Preparedness Webinar for all of our constituents to learn best practices to keep you and your family safe in case of a natural disaster.

Assistive Technology to Promote Independence and Aging in Place for Seniors

June 23, 2020

Susan Foster discusses assistive technology to promote independence and aging in place for seniors!

ADA Basics: Introduction to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990

July 7, 2020

ADA Basics”  Webinar is an introduction to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990  to help increase your knowledge and understanding of the Basics of the ADA.

Overview of the Special Education System & Parent Rights

July 21, 2020

Recording Coming Soon! 

Description:  Learn your rights as parents in the IEP process for your child. In this series, parents will gain strategies and tactics they can use for their child’s learning and support service needs to be met in school settings.

Florida Telecommunications Relay, Inc. Overview

August 4, 2020

FTRI is a non profit organization that administers the Specialized Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program for citizens of Florida who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deaf/Blind and Speech Disabled.

Assistive Technology to Promote Independence: School and AT Needs

August 18, 2020

Assistive Technology is all around us! On the following webinar will highlight a piece Assistive Technology you may find useful when completing various tasks at work, home or play.  These tools can assist in Reading, Writing, or Notetaking, some as low as $25.00! We are here to help!


Assistive Technology to Promote Independence: Meet ALEXA

September 8, 2020 

It is Spinal Cord Awareness Injury Month. Learn more about FAAST at the Gulf Coast Regional Demonstration Center as we continue to create awareness for Spinal Cord Awareness Injury. The following webinar will highlight a ALEXA as Assistive Technology in the kitchen.

Intro to Spinal Cord Injury & Resources Podcast

September 15, 2020

Description: This presentation will be an informal presentation on spinal cord injury, the Florida Spinal Cord Injury Resource Center, and the presenters personal experiences living with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI).

ADA Basics: Title 1 Employment

October 6, 2020

Description: This is a basic overview of the ADA Title 1 Employment. We were joined by Cheri Hofmann, ADA Distance Learning and Training Director from the Southeast ADA Center to answer questions about this topic.

Employment Round Table: Disability Employment

October 13, 2020

Description: Watch on Facebook.  Ever wonder what services, resources, and supports are available for people with disabilities in the Florida Panhandle? Panelists discussed their programs and services and answered questions from the public. 

Employment Round Table: Disability Benefits

October 27, 2020

Description: Representatives with information about how working can affect your disability benefits will be discussing services and options available to people with disabilities.

Nutritional Tips with Wendy Merrideth

November 2, 2020 

Description: Enjoy this webinar to learn more about nutritional tips for healthy eating and lifestyle with Wendy Merrideth!

Effective Communication with the FTRI Program

November 10, 2020 

Description:  Karen Jackson, Independent Living and FTRI Program Specialists will discuss the intersection with Title VI, Telecommunications of the ADA and Effective Communication with the FTRI Program and Services.

An Overview of the FAAST Program

November 17, 2020

Description:  Susan Foster, Gulf Coast Regional Demonstration Center Assistive Technology (AT) Specialist highlights the AT Program and Services and updates  you on the latest AT available at the GCRDC and around the state.

IEP 101: An Overview of 504 Plans

November 24, 2020 

Description: Joanne Pearson, Advocacy Outreach Coordinator presented this installment of our IEP information series. During this webinar she talked about the general information about 504 plans, including when and how they are used.

“Aunt Katie's Visit” Storytime Read By Danny Broxson

December 8, 2020

Description: This session featured “Aunt Katie’s Visit” written by Katie Bannister and read by Danny Broxson. The author Katie Bannister is an individual with a disability that has hurdled over the challenges of her disability. She serves the community through her non-profit entitled Access-4-All.

December 17, 2020

Description: Join FAAST and Guest Speaker Gina Baldwin! She is a licensed Speech Pathologist for more than 35 years. Helping people connect with the world through speech is her true passion. She took on the challenge of developing an intuitive, photo-based, and reasonably priced application and APP2Speak was born!

How a WIPA Counselor Helps to Maneuver Ticket to Work

December 22, 2020

Description:   Join CIL with Guest Speaker Toccara James who is a WIPA Coordinator and she will be presenting on what she does to assist consumers through the Ticket to Work Program from Social Security.

United Way

United Way 2-1-1

January 19, 2021

Recording Coming Soon!

Guest Speaker Avalon Mallory, a 2-1-1 Resource Manager and I&R Specialist was CIL of Northwest Florida’s guest speaker. She talked about United Way and the services they offer and about the 2-1-1 Program and what it does to help our community.

AT to Promote Independence Webinar Series - Featuring Smyle Mouse

An Overview of the FAAST Program

January 20, 2021

Recording Coming Soon!

Description: Uday Parshionikar will present on the Smyle Mouse, software that provides easy and precise computer mouse control and adaptive switch access, without the use of hands. It is designed for people with disabilities / difficulties of hands.




CIL Advocacy Spotlight
Joanne Pearson

CIL Advocacy Spotlight

February 2, 2021 

Recording Coming Soon!

Description:  Joanne Pearson, Advocacy Outreach Coordinator presented about her position at CILNWF and what services she provides to her consumers and the community at large. Joanne tells you how you can reach out to CILNWF if you need assistance.

Assistive Technology to Promote Independence: Camera Mouse

Assistive Technology to Promote Independence: Camera Mouse

February 17, 2021 

Recording Coming Soon!

Description: The Camera Mouse was developed at Boston College to help people with disabilities use the computer independently.   Guest Presenter Margrit Betke.



Agency Spotlight
on Aging

Council on Aging - Agency Spotlight

February 23, 2021 

Recording Coming Soon!

Description: Margaret Jerauld was our guest speaker and presented on all the services that the Council on Aging provides for the seniors and disabled in our community.


 2020 Sheriff Candidate Forum

Description: Sheriff Candidate Forum with CIL of Northwest Florida 2020