Five Core

Our goal is to secure for all people with disabilities the opportunity to choose and realize their goals. You are not charged for our core services.


We endeavor to give everyone the opportunity to live their lives to the absolute fullest. These extra services are there to make our mission more successful.

Local and State

What are we doing in our community to enhance the validity of our mission? Come and read about our adventures and success to find out!

FTRI Telephone

Eligibility is open to Florida residents who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf/blind, or speech impaired. To receive specialized telephone equipment, you must provide proof of eligibility. 

FAAST Assistive Technology

This program is available to Floridians with disabilities, family members and service providers. Some devices require that a person experienced with the device is available to assist you.

Who is Eligible for our Programs?

If you’re a person with a disability, or a care-giver of an individual with a disability, you are eligible to benefit from our services. Take the first step and make an appointment with one of our Independent Living Advocates by calling our office today! Our core five services are of no charge to you and we are dedicated to insuring that our constituents have all of the tools to live, work, and play independently. 

Constituent by the name of Georgia